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Brochure Downloads

John Banks' mail order business was founded on the quality of our printed brochures going back to 1994. We believe that there is still a need for a printed brochure even in this increasingly e-commerce based retail environment.

All of our customers that register to receive our brochure through the post (amendable via the "Accept Post Mailshots" drop-down box on your Account Details page) will continue to do so two times a year.

However, for your greater convenience, and as a taster for new customers of the quality that you can expect from us, we intend to provide all of our main and sale catalogues in downloadable electronic form. These can be stored on your PC, tablet or smartphone for easy, fully searchable, offline access.

So please check out our full Spring/Summer 2018 Catalogues below!

Simply click on the image below to see a preview of the e-version of our brochure. This can then be downloaded to your device if you wish:

John Banks Spring Brochure 2018      Summer 2018 Brochure_Extra Tall Brochure Download

These downloads may require compatible software to view. Adobe Reader is recommended. Other readers are available.

Just trying to find our downloadable Returns' Form?

It can be found here.