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Men's Slippers

For slippers that offer comfort, quality and style look no further than John Banks we have exactly what you need right here!  All of our slippers offer fantastic wear-ability, robust and extremely durable to ensure they last that much longer. Our bespoke and tailor-made fittings continue to ensure that your slippers are perfect whatever activity you need them for. Whether you are cleaning, the house, lounging, playing with the children and grandchildren or waiting on guests in your home, we guarantee our slippers will not let you down! In fact, you will be proud to show them off! 

All of our slippers are available in a huge variety of sizes ranging from sizes 8-16 and offer the ultimate in comfort.  So, for example if you were looking for men’s slippers, size 13, we can certainly we can accommodate you!

Size is certainly one thing, but tailor-made fitting is another, which is exactly what we accomplish with a huge range of fits available. These fits include standard, wide, extra wide and Deep, Velcro fastening, ensuring that you find that size to match your feet that is perfect for you.

Some of the brands we stock are Padders, Crocs, Dunlop, Zeds, Sleepers and Mokkers

Finally, and to clarify, if you’re looking for men’s slippers size 13, wide fit slippers, or any other slippers, then you are certainly in the right place!  For more information about exactly what our slippers can do for you then check out all the available options on the website.  As always, we guarantee you won't be disappointed!

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  1. P499-24 Padders Peter Extra Wide G Fitting Velcro Slipper (Navy)
  2. H615 Dunlop Ted Mule Slipper
  3. P411-81 Padders Charles Velcro Slipper Wide G Fitting (Wine)
  4. P408-40 Padders Albert Cord Slipper Wide G Fitting (Black)
  5. H1671 Crocs Classic in Navy
  6. H1671 Crocs Classic in Black
  7. H1792 DB Bruce 2V (EE to 4E) Extra Wide Mule Slipper
  8. H876 Sleepers Julian II Low Velcro Slipper
  9. H100 Comfylux James Velcro Boot Slipper
  10. H752 Comfylux George Velcro Slipper
  11. H1162 Comfylux Bill Hydromax WR Low Slipper
  12. H1654 Sleepers Jim Check Slipper
  13. P408-38 Padders Albert Slipper Wide G Fitting (Black Check)
  14. H961 Zeds Slipper
  15. H704 Zeds Velour Slipper up to size 16
  16. H749 Zeds Stripe Slipper
  17. H1751 Sleepers Wide Fully Opening Slippers
  18. P408- Padders Albert Tweed Slipper (Brown) Wide Fitting G
  19. H1240 Zeds Charles Slipper up to size 16
  20. H878 Mokkers Slipper
  21. H1630 Sleepers Frazer Motif Slipper
  22. P411-56 Padders Charles Velcro Slipper Wide Fitting G (Black)
  23. P408-25 Padders Albert Cord Slipper Wide G Fitting (Navy)
  24. H1629 Sleepers Arthur Slipper Superwide EEEE Fitting
  25. H1781 Dunlop Taylor Real Suede Mule Slipper (Tan)
Grid List

25 Items

Set Descending Direction